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Meeting Of Styles – 2018

Meeting Of Styles – 2018


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Best of 2017

Best of 2017

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  • This is a fresh Commemorative mural in Lisbon by Portuguese
    3 days ago by i_support_street_art This is a fresh Commemorative mural in Lisbon by Portuguese duo  @halfstudiosigns  for the Eurovision Song Contest of 2018. As Lettering is their central style, they painted the most known words that the Portuguese know for Welcome in several languages as a big hug to all the fans of the Eurovision Song contest. Check out our latest interview with Halfstudios on our website. ✨ ———————————————— #isupportstreetart   #thestreetisourgallery   #halfstudio   #streetart   #eurovision2018   #eurovision   #murals   #picoftheday   #lisbonstreetart   #interview   #artistinterview 
  • The team of Brisbane Street Art Festival had worked very
    1 day ago by i_support_street_art The team of Brisbane Street Art Festival had worked very close to Alethea Beetson, director of Digi Youth Arts, an organization dedicated to protect aboriginal cultures, assuring that the program supports and nourishes aboriginal artists, and encouraging that some murals reflect the stories of these communities. In collaboration with this organization,  @saidokins  developed a series of monumental mural interventions entitled ‘Sleeping Languages in Queensland’ to call attention to the lost aboriginal cultures of Australia. The first intervention , depicted here, was the piece ‘Stories of a Word’, located in the Queensland University of Technology, QUT, where the artist captured the
  • WOMART a project created by rebobinart that aims to recognise
    5 days ago by i_support_street_art WOMART- a project created by  @rebobinart  that aims to recognise female artists, has kicked off with 10 art interventions in 10 Catalan cities. The artworks were created by 10 female artists that stand out by the excellent quality of their works. Mural artists that took part in Womart are: Hyuro (Reus), Elbi Elem (Tortosa), Lula Goce (Vilanova y la Geltrú), Btoy (Olot), Ovni (Manresa), Paula Bonet (Figueres) and Minuskula (Sant Cugat del Vallès). Aïda Gómez and Monica Rikic created art installations in Mataró and Granollers respectively. Artistic duo Pedra will exhibit their art installation on June 22 in Girona. Here
  • This is a new mural by antheamissy Approximately 80m2 depicting
    7 days ago by i_support_street_art This is a new mural by  @antheamissy  Approximately 80m2 depicting Ihsane Jarfi’s portrait has been painted in the Riches Claire area - rue Saint Christophe 36. The permanent artwork is part of Ihsane Jarfi Day (17 May) and Belgian Pride Festival. The mural has been commissioned by the Rainbow House of Brussels, and is supported by the City of Brussels and will be incorporated as part of the collection of artwork featured in the Street Art Brussels tour. With a serene expression and “floating” above those who pass by, Ihsane Jarfi is painted in a graphic style which flirts with
  • Fresh pics from mp5art latest work done in Terni Italy
    4 days ago by i_support_street_art Fresh pics from  @mp5art  latest work, done in Terni (Italy) A commission from the city and it's a reflection of the state of Italy. The title of this artwork is : " save our souls"  #isupportstreetart   #thestreetisourgallery   #mp5art   #picoftheday   #terni   #walls   #italianstreetart   #murals   #muralsdaily 
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BLOOP 2017

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The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis


SAM Magazine

taged with Opiemme

Opiemme Poetry on the pilars of Genova

Opiemme Poetry on the pilars of Genova November 30th, 2017

“Walk The Line” is Opiemme’s latest creation  on an ongoing project, of a 100 Pilars/Poles to be painted in the next 5 years. The “Opiemme’s street-poetry has evolved under the influence of street and public art and consists of expressive forms connecting social and environmental themes in an ironic manner. Beginning his quest before 2000, […]

>> read more
“Black hole sun” by Opiemme in Lodz

“Black hole sun” by Opiemme in Lodz July 10th, 2017

The human-size mural is a freestyle painting, which composition is based on the repetitive rhythm of elements in the white boxes. These elements viewed from left to right produce the illusion of a slowly growing movement of the subject, similarly as for the single film frames or a slow motion footage.

>> read more
Opiemme Inspires children with his new Wall

Opiemme Inspires children with his new Wall June 11th, 2017

Opiemme with around 1000 children, ages between 3 and 13, recently created a new wall in Rome, Italy. Inspired by the Renaissance symbol, Pisces, the artist worked along side with the children from the school I.C. Via Giuseppe Messina to create this piece of art.

>> read more
“Dolphins” – Opiemme tribute to Sibilla Aleramo

“Dolphins” – Opiemme tribute to Sibilla Aleramo May 5th, 2017

You got love art in all forms and you got love even more when an artist pays tribute to another fellow artist. That´s what the Italian artist Opiemme does on his latest piece.

>> read more
Opiemme New Wall in Italy

Opiemme New Wall in Italy November 22nd, 2016

The italian artist Opiemme went to  Fenigruottero Cirogna to paint hes latest work.

>> read more
Energy of the City 2016

Energy of the City 2016 October 24th, 2016

Energy of the City 2016 took place at the beginning of October in Łódź, Poland. With the theme of the festival focused on the process of revitalization that the city is suffering from in the last years.

>> read more
Opiemme in Lodz, Poland, 2016

Opiemme in Lodz, Poland, 2016 September 26th, 2016

A new step for Opiemme “Vortex” series, inspired this time by Taurus constellation, the zodiac sign of the most famous Lodz architect Hilary Majewski (15 May 1838), who lived nearby the location.

>> read more
Wall by OPIEMME for LSOA BURIDDA, Genova

Wall by OPIEMME for LSOA BURIDDA, Genova June 16th, 2016

Opiemme’s new wall, is a big one. And its made for an occupied place in Genova (N-west italy). The place is called LSOA BURIDDA and a clearing out by  the police and University (the property of the building) could be soon the outcome.

>> read more
Poetry installation in Bologna (Opiemme)

Poetry installation in Bologna (Opiemme) April 18th, 2016

 A street poetry action for spreading poetry in the streets, for free, and just for the aim of bringing poetry closer to people. No commission or authorsation to make it.

>> read more


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