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Opiemme Inspires children with his new Wall 2017-06-11

Opiemme Inspires children with his new Wall

Opiemme with around 1000 children, ages between 3 and 13, recently created a new wall in Rome, Italy. Inspired by the Renaissance symbol, Pisces, the artist worked along side with the children from the school I.C. Via Giuseppe Messina to create this piece of art.

Opiemme, Pesci-Pisces, 2017

The process involved around 1000 children, from 3 years old to 13, and started by choosing some bad words after throwing some egg colors to the wall, covering those words.

Opiemme, Pesci-Pisces, 2017 1

After that, the children chose some positive words and wrote them down on top of the bright colors that they had just thrown.

Great collaboration Opiemme!!

Tomás/ISSA Team

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