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artist Opiemme


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OPIEMME is an italian fine artist who lives and works in Torino. 
Opiemme quest started before 2000 with the aim of bring poetry closer to people, looking for new ways of presenting poetry. 
The artist is often called ‘the poet of street art’ for fusing both poetry and letterforms.  In 2007 Opiemme made an installation for the White Night  of 30.000 Poetry Scrolls (Rotolini di poesia): hanging little pieces of rolled-up paper hyding poems, that people could take. In summer 2013 Opiemme created a poetic route of street poetry (poesia di strada) that simbolically crosses Italy from north to south, “A journey through painting and poetry”, reviewed by the Huffington Post (USA). In 2014 Haiti was the set of Opiemme’s new project “Ask the dust, ask the people”, and painted a massive ten floor mural for Monumental Art in Gdansk (Poland), to honor the Polish poet and Nobel Prize winner in literature Wislawa Szymborska,  quoting a passage from her poem ‘Under a Certain Little Star’ .

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