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Meeting Of Styles – 2020

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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Urban art intervention by Italian graffiti artist Soda

Urban art intervention by Italian graffiti artist Soda 08/03/2018

This is the latest urban art intervention by Italian graffiti artist Soda in the framework of the fifth edition of Antonio Giordano street art award in Santa Croce di Magliano(CB)-Italy. (more…)

FAR//FERN – An interpretation of “The Hero´s Journey” by NDZW

FAR//FERN – An interpretation of “The Hero´s Journey” by NDZW 05/29/2018

FAR//FERN is a visual interpretation of chosen steps from “The Hero’s Journey” formulated by Joseph Campbell. Filmed across several locations in Vienna and Upper Austria the short film follows NDZW embarking on his own journey in search of greater understanding. (more…)

NEVERCREW for Le Mur in Paris

NEVERCREW for Le Mur in Paris 04/30/2018

Le M.U.R. is an important tradition in the street art scene in Paris and it’s strictly connected to the neighborhood in which it leaves and evolves. With the idea of a temporary intervention (that’s part of Le M.U.R. concept), NEVERCREW decided to realize something connected both to the idea of time and related in a direct way to the location. (more…)

Abandoned Tel Aviv by Jens Besser

Abandoned Tel Aviv by Jens Besser 03/12/2018

German artist Jens Besser recently visited Israel and explored some abandoned places in Tel Aviv. As many Street artists often try to explore cities they travel to and leave their mark Jens Besser explored and found some some great spots to paint his art. Enjoy his adventure! (more…)

Mural Electric

Mural Electric 03/07/2018

Two ways to think about it. One, street art pulls power. Hence, wires, conduits, and meters. Or, street art generates power, delivering energy to The Grid 24/7. A site-specific, speed-of-light insurgence. (more…)

Nuart 2017: John Fekner

Nuart 2017: John Fekner 10/02/2017

Street art pioneer John Fekner was back in Stavanger after his piece “Broken Promises” (Nuart 2014), which –in turn- was originally stencilled in 1980 on a decaying building in New York to highlight the inadequate housing and poor services afflicting the South Bronx. (more…)

Nuart 2017: MaisMenos

Nuart 2017: MaisMenos 09/25/2017

Back at Nuart after three years of absence, the Portuguese artist ±MaisMenos± realized two outdoor pieces in the Norwegian city of Stavanger. (more…)


CÚMUL 09/21/2017

CÚMUL is an experimental laboratory with artists, designers and engineers from Barcelona that offers new architectural scenes. The physical limits disappear and the urban landscape becomes the canvas we work on and thus, fantastic scenes that make us doubt the established logic are generated. (more…)

Nuart 2017: Ian Strange

Nuart 2017: Ian Strange 09/19/2017

Besides contributing to the all-time Nuart classic ‘Aftenblad Wall’ (a large-scale billboard that has been taken over by different artists in the past years), the Australian Ian Strange left his posters of suburban homes with some bizarre twist all around the city of Stavanger. (more…)


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