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Meeting Of Styles – 2018


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The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis


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Latest mural for Artwalk3 by Hambas

Latest mural for Artwalk3 by Hambas 06/13/2018

ArtWalk 3 Festival in Patras is in full charge with the sixth fresco presented by Greek artist Antonis Hambas. Hambas began to work more actively with street art since 2015. From a very young age he showed his interest (more…)

“LA PLAZA ES NUESTRA” mural from Escif

“LA PLAZA ES NUESTRA” mural from Escif 06/11/2018

“LA PLAZA ES NUESTRA” (The square is ours)- Brilliant new mural from Escif  – in la Salut, Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona).”In May of 1977, the residents of the neighborhood of La Salud managed to stop the construction of a gas station. (more…)

Ob Queberry

Ob Queberry

I’m Mattia Santarelli a.k.a. Ob Queberry. I’m an italian painter, muralist, illustrator and animator. Drawing on walls and any other surface (legal or not) since the age of 4. Here a bunch of fresh works made in Spoleto, my hometown.

Christina Angelina mural for ArtWalk3 in Patras

Christina Angelina mural for ArtWalk3 in Patras 06/10/2018

The 3rd International Art Festival Patras | ArtWalk 3 aims to support gender equality, in a male-dominated area. Christina Angelina was the first female artist to paint an astonishing mural. (more…)

“One Matter”, new work by MP5 in Helsinki

“One Matter”, new work by MP5 in Helsinki 06/09/2018

This is MP5‘s work of “one matter”, which was only completed in the street art district of Pasila in Helsinki during the Helsinki Urban Art Festival. It is located between the Pasila library and the exhibition centre. (more…)

GioPistone @streetArt Museum of St.Petersburg

GioPistone @streetArt Museum of St.Petersburg 05/26/2018

A magical mural with colours inspired by ancient myths, Gio Pistone presents his latest creation all the way from St Petersburg. Here is a description provided by the artist explaining the concept that inspired the work: (more…)


SAV45 05/20/2018

SAV45 is a Barcelona based street artist who creates vibrant realistic images on walls around his city and occasionaly elsewhere.

Yapwilli wall on Camerata Picena School

Yapwilli wall on Camerata Picena School 05/18/2018

Yapwilli has realized a mural over the rooftop of a primary school in Camerata Picena a cozy village near Ancona (Center Italy). The wall has been commissioned by the Municipality of Camerata to celebrate the creation of a new Bibliotheque dedicated to principles of legality. (more…)

D*Face “Save the World” with Kaspersky Lab

D*Face “Save the World” with Kaspersky Lab 05/15/2018

In the latest development in a longstanding commitment to the field of contemporary art, Kaspersky Lab has commissioned a major new permanent public artwork has been installed in New York City since early May 2018. (more…)


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Interview: Rosh333

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