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Coastal front intervention by Art in Progress 2020-10-19

Coastal front intervention by Art in Progress

Art in Progress with its programme ”Change the city”, continues its vision for a public spaces full of colors, culture and contemporary art,

transmitting its know-how, experience and action outside its home base city of Patras. A unique 90 meter long mural has been finalised, in a special location in the Municipality of Ilida, by the artistic team of ”Art in Progress” and under the artistic and technical guidance of the art director of ArtWalk, Kleomeni Costopoulos (KLE).

The plans drawn by KLE involve the intense historical locality but also the “cool” everyday life of the wider area. The  completed project, has attracted the attention of local and national media, as well as residents or passers-by of the coastal front, at the pier from the beautiful and picturesque port of Palouki, Amaliada.

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