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Look into our Partners

Discover the person behind the art!

Discover the person behind the art!



A New Generation of Muralists

The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


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Interview: Nespoon

Interview: Nespoon

Talking about positive art

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Zed1 fresh wall in Santander, Spain.

Zed1 fresh wall in Santander, Spain. 10/16/2018

When it comes to big fantastic murals look no further than Zed1‘s creations. His latest majestic creation is a challenge to our minds, recently made in the city of Santander in Spain, he created this wall telling his story about death. (more…)


IVAN ROQUE 09/21/2016

Born December of 1991, Ivan Roque is an international street artist from Miami, Florida. Raised in the inner city of the infamous Carol City with a passion for the concepts of birth, death, renewal and social struggles. (more…)


swimmingsky 04/08/2016

Swimmingsky is a street artist from jakarta, indonesia. Enjoy


txemy 03/16/2016

Txemy is a street artist from Spain, Barcelona. He began studying art and painting as a child. In order to achieve emotional stability caused him to perform his innermost desire: to be a painter. (more…)


Moenipulation 12/27/2015

Moenipulation is an artist whose work is based upon experiences within the UK graffiti scene since the mid 80s. (more…)

Halloween Special

Halloween Special 10/31/2015

It’s time to wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts, All Hallow’s Eve is coming. Avoid crossing paths with black cats, breaking mirror or spilling salt ; it’s time for mystery, magic, superstition and scary Street Art. (more…)


Dask 12/27/2014

Dask is a Greek artist born and raised in the city of Ptolemaida. He studied photography in Thessaloniki, but his passion had always been painting. He started practicing street art in year 2008. His  pieces are for the most part displayed on public walls. (more…)

Halloween Special

Halloween Special 11/01/2014

Its finally the time of the spirits, which return to the earth and make their presence felt. For this reason we decided to join them and bring together just a few scary collection of our favourite spooky works! (more…)


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Interview: Nespoon

Interview: Nespoon

Talking about positive art.

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