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Meeting Of Styles – 2020

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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Mega wall by Zed1

Mega wall by Zed1 10/15/2019

The way to the sea“ by Zed1 at Monticello Conte Otto, Vicenza, Italy.  The work made for this wall celebrates the life and the research of happiness through the enthusiasm and the propensity to find ourself. (more…)

VVITCH a new project by Gio Pistone

VVITCH a new project by Gio Pistone 10/10/2019

After years dedicated to the “pure image”, artist Gio Pistone has felt the need for a more articulated type of expression. His new focus is on the woman’s body as seen through some historical periods. He decided to call it WITCH. (more…)

Bifido wall for Monart Festival

Bifido wall for Monart Festival 10/07/2019

Bifido sent us images from his work on a new project for Monart Festival in Girona, Spain. Monart festival takes place in the neighborhoods ofSanta Eugènia de Ter and Can Gibert del Pla. (more…)

Artez new mural in La Baneza, Spain

Artez new mural in La Baneza, Spain 10/01/2019

Here are some  pictures of a mural, recently painted by artist Artez in La Bañeza, Spain, as part of “Art Aero Rap” festival. It is titled: “Waiting”.  (more…)

Telmo Miel collaboration with Smug

Telmo Miel collaboration with Smug 09/23/2019

Here is the latest collaboration of TelmoMiel with SMUG (@smugone) for POW!WOW! Rotterdam. The result is an explosive and diverse piece of artwork! (more…)

Is this modern society? by Jupiterfab

Is this modern society? by Jupiterfab 09/15/2019

As part of his project titled “Is this modern society?”, Jupiterfab has recently created this mural in Guadalajara (Mexico). The artist focuses attention on technology and family. (more…)

Sé Cordeiro

Sé Cordeiro 08/28/2019

Brazilian painter, borned in 1987. In 2010 he started his career in New Delhi (India) where he lived for almost 2 years, working with design and paintings. Back to Brazil kept developing his style, focusing mainly on the female figure.

OZMO Mural for the victims of Morandi Bridge tragedy

OZMO Mural for the victims of Morandi Bridge tragedy 08/16/2019

OZMO recently made this dedicated piece of art work refering to the Morandi bridge fall tragedy. Titled: ‘Psyche Revived by Cupids Kiss’, this site specific work is dedicated to the victims (more…)

Ćulum Marko/Metod

Ćulum Marko/Metod 08/08/2019

Born and live in Belgrade/Serbia. Finished University of applied arts-section muralism/wall painting. Had solo and collective exibitions, and done many interesting project/murals(wall paintings), as on public spaces as in private property. Loves birds and animals, loves colors and not afraid to use them, and loves all shapes and forms and loves to play with them, (more…)


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