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The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis

SAM Magazine


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Taking advantage of his presence in Miami for an art project during Ar Basel, Dourone has collaborated with Argentinian artist resident in Sao Paulo, Marina Zumi.

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NEVERCREW in Wynwood, Miami

NEVERCREW in Wynwood, Miami December 11th, 2015

Mural painting realized in Wynwood, Miami (USA) during Art Basel Miami for the collaborative project curated by Urban Nation and PangeaSeed Foundation, addressing the issue of climate change in conjunction with the COP21 Paris Climate Conference.

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Stinkfish + Empty Boy :: Bogota

Stinkfish + Empty Boy :: Bogota November 29th, 2015

Colombian street artist Stinkfish has returned to his native city Bogota after a long world tour travelling to several distant locations. His last wall comes from Bogota in Collaboration with local friend and artist ”Empty Boy”, an amazing stencil maker.

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Stinkfish paints London while exhibiting ”Crossroad Portraits”

Stinkfish paints London while exhibiting ”Crossroad Portraits” November 5th, 2015

We all love Stinkfish and if you ve been following us you have surely seen most of his recent activity as he travelled the world during 2015. His latest stop in London comes with a very attractive exhibition called ”Crossroad Portraits” and its taking place at the Pure Evil Gallery.

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New TelmoMiel Murals in Iceland, Austria and Germany

New TelmoMiel Murals in Iceland, Austria and Germany October 28th, 2015

We ve recently been updated on the latest works done by Dutch artist duet in the last month. Three new walls of great inspiration!  TelmoMiel is a contemporary graffiti-art duo from Amsterdam & Rotterdam.

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Reviewing ‘Nuart Festival’ 2015 – Indoors & Out

Reviewing ‘Nuart Festival’ 2015 – Indoors & Out September 19th, 2015

From the last week in August, an invited national and international roster of artists descended upon Stavanger, Norway to leave their mark on the city’s walls, both indoor and out for Nuart Festival‘s 15th Anniversary.

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Mural by Patrick Leyendecker in Mexico

Mural by Patrick Leyendecker in Mexico September 18th, 2015

The latest  work of Patrick Leyendecker has been recently finished. It is a Mural is in Queretaro (Mexico). The german artist worked in collaboration with “Osel Pinturas” and “Nueve arte Urbano”. The geometrical graffiti style the artist uses is a technique he specialises in and applies on most of his works.

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BLOOP : an avant-garde tourism and cultural marketing model

BLOOP : an avant-garde tourism and cultural marketing model September 10th, 2015

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival, an avant-garde art project by Biokip Labs has become Ibiza`s cultural and urban requalification project. Under the festival ethos “Art is for everybody” the festival is completely free for everybody.

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Transumanza project by Bifido

Transumanza project by Bifido September 7th, 2015

Italian street artist Bifido from Caserta, has completed a new work,  titled “TRANSUMANZA” at Fate Festival in San Potito Sannitico. In this small village in the south of Italy, TRANSUMANZA is his vision of immigrants issue. The symbolic journey on the wire represents a new experience or a new life.

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