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Special Report: Azores Street Art 2021-11-28

Special Report: Azores Street Art

Following the recent articles on the Singapore, Vienna and Lisbon Street Art scene, photographer Michael Harker and partner Suzanne Bäumler are back, with an insight to the vibrant scene of the Azores!

Yes, we don’t just love Lisbon, we love the whole country! We have visited it over and over again in the last few years, traveling from north to south, from west to east and vice versa, and in doing so we came across wonderful places, landscapes and people, and enjoyed great culinary experiences. Where we haven’t been yet, that was the Azores. We made up for that this autumn on an almost four week trip.

It was absolutely impressive to travel to this archipelago, consisting of a total of 9 islands, in the middle of the atlantic ocean, almost halfway to the USA. Both the landscapes above and below the water were amazing. From Horta (on the island of Faial) we went diving on a catamaran for almost a week. The outstanding spot was Princess Alice bank, around 42 nautical miles southwest of Faial. There was a big cinema to see: the main actors were large groups of Mobula rays, huge swarms of barracudas and greater amberjacks, and supporting actors were a handful of humble divers. On the crossings there were dolphins and various species of whales. And Horta in general, world-famous among transatlantic sailors and world-famous for its graffiti on the harbor wall, on which sailors have immortalized themselves for decades. And of course not to forget Peters sportsbar the meeting point for all the sailors and other visitors.

Above the water, the islands captivate with their impressive volcanic craters and untouched wild landscapes, which constantly change in the light between blazing sun, rising fog and rain showers. An absolute treat for photographers. The unexpected were numerous great murals, which we found e.g. in Ponta Delgada on the main island of Sao Miguel. And of course we visited our great love, Lisbon again. And of course, thanks to the Muro festival this summer, we discovered and photographed numerous great walls. Off again to Portugal, there is so much more to discover.

Photographer Michael Harker lives in Germany with his wife Suzanne and recently published his own street art book, titled: ”Icons Of Street Art”.


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