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Nuart 2017: Slava Ptrk 2017-09-23

Nuart 2017: Slava Ptrk

Moscow-based Slava Ptrk has taken part in the 17th edition of Nuart Festival with two outdoor murals, both stenciled and yet completely different from each other. First of all, Slava Ptrk painted “Poppies” on the side of the hotel Havly in downtown Stavanger.

It depicts a girl picking poppies, standing out from a bright red background.

Slava Ptrk ISSA Nuart 2017 6

Slava Ptrk ISSA Nuart 2017 4

His second piece is near Nuart’s Head Quarters “Tou Scene” and it’s an ironic text by the artist himself. Written in the provocative style that has made him (in)famous on the streets of Moscow and Yekaterinburg, this text is titled “To be honest” and focuses on how often we fall back upon lies, which are so widespread in our culture that we are not even that mindful of us lying. The mural is made with glue and sand reflecting the ephemeral nature of lies (which will always come out, eventually!).

Slava Ptrk ISSA Nuart 2017 7

Referring to this second mural, Slava Ptrk’s text piece at Nuart indoor exhibition “Rise Up!” (3 Sept. – 15 Oct. 2017) says “I’ve never lied and never will lie”; it is made up of sand and glue as well.

Slava Ptrk ISSA Nuart 2017 2

Opposite that, the artist placed a large image of his EU visa, a simple yet effective work mocking the idea of ‘Free Movement’ –which most likely applies to goods and not to people.

Slava Ptrk ISSA Nuart 2017 3


Text and photos by our on the spot representative Giulia Blocal from


ISSA is an official media partner for Nuart 2017


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