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New poster-art project in Rome by a.DNA collective 2017-10-13

New poster-art project in Rome by a.DNA collective

“Falsas Promesas / Broken Promises”: omino71 launches “I Muri Di Carta” with its two posters, a series of interventions of artists who usually do their artworks in the streets with the paper as their main medium.The first two posters of 3 x 2 meters, painted and pasted up for the project devised by a.DNA collective, were attacked on Saturday 29 July in the two outer architectural frames of the Socio-Cultural Center “Affabulazione” (piazza Marco Vipsanio Agrippa, 7h – Ostia, Roma).

Omino71, a Roman artist known for his paperworks pasted on the walls of the Eternal City, has been invited by a.DNA as the first artist to open this poster-art project, because he’s one between the most influential artists in the Roman street-art scene. He is among the artists who started to spread this type of urban interventions in the Italian Capital, with several poster-art projects, including “eikonprOJeKt” (2008) with Jessica Stewart and Mr. Klevra and one of the first events of sticker-art in Rome: “Stick My World” (2007-2010).

The two texts painted by omino71 on the eyes of Donald Trump and Clark Kent’s pop portraits, almost to make them blind, are the quotation-tribute to one of the fathers of the urban art as we know it now: John Fekner. He was the author of numerous stencils on the walls of the buildings in a Bronx that in ’80 years crossed one of the worst moments of its history, where the “Broken Promises” were issued on the agenda by an absent mayor and the politicians that wanted the administration of New-York City in those years.

The Bronx, left in a state of degradation and abandonment for a whole decade, produced a huge amount of new artistic expressions that influenced art and world culture for decades. The influence of that powerful push was translated at first into the global hip-hop and street movement and then in the contemporary urban-public art, that changed the face of entire cities all over the world.

It does not last 24 hours and the two posters attacked by omino71 are covered by the usual “unknowns” that a year ago, always on these walls, vandalized some murals and “The Welcoming Mother” a big poster of Ex-Voto fecit, which became a symbol for the inhabitants of the district, as well as a flag of artistic and cultural resistance in the neighborhood of Ostia. Active Resistance live thanks to the many inhabitants who seek to create communities around symbols that can create social aggregation processes.

It is through a project like “I Muri Di Carta” that the neighborhood can show its cultural Resistance: an affront to the degradation and the passage of time that make the paper media extremely ephemeral. The bad quality of this media is in this case its best one, enabling more people and artists to be involved in the same context, to give strength and continuity to action, giving life to a new iconography that becomes the symbol of not only aesthetic Resistance, emphasizing its value at the moment when the community is deprived of it from external interventions.

The project continues, month after month, and after the August stop, a new intervention will be carried out with two artists in the two spaces provided by Affabulazione in Ostia (Rome).

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