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MOTS mural for POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2021 2021-10-09

MOTS mural for POW! WOW! Rotterdam 2021

This fresh mural that was recently created by Mots for the Pow! Wow! Festival in Rotterdam (NL). It is inspired by the person who was working for the last 30 years in De Hef bridge in Rotterdam. As the wall is located close to the bridge the connection was quite obvious and they felt that it was good opportunity to emphasize the importance of the work that many times is not seen even though is responsible for keeping the city moving.

So lucky we were that we had chance to meet the family of Arie de Weerd and as we learned from them he was proud of his profession. Also we had unique opportunity to enter the bridge, which is now a monument and is open for visitors only one time per year. It was very touching and unforgettable experience, thank you to all that make it happen. We heard about Arie from the documentary directed by Dirk Rijneke, trailer to “The (Last) Bridgekeeper” was a starting point for us to create this work.

Below you can find photos from the work in progress, pictures taken by wonderful Martine Kiers @annietram77

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