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Mots is an urban artist, painter and illustrator. He lives in Porto since 1993, where he studied and developed almost all of his works.
Graffiti started to be part of his journey around 2001, having still today a strong influence both in graphic style, in the way he approaches the relationship between art and space, and in the techniques he uses.
His desire to create murals never ceases and the constant search for a better relation between the imaginative world, the space and the reality of the spectator moves him forward, with his murals being a window to his imagination.
The work he creates, starts from the deconstruction and abstraction of the form, built with figures composed from elements and parts from other “formats”, working a little like the dreams do, where from random memories new stories are created.
Mots is an author of dozens of murals, big scale paintings around Portugal, Poland and Brazil. The biggest piece done by the artist was created in 2017 in Porto’s downtown, near the iconic Douro river, and it became part of its panoramic view.

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