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Mega mural by Fikos for ArtWalk3 2018-06-20

Mega mural by Fikos for ArtWalk3

The 3rd International Art Festival Patras | ArtWalk 3 gives pulse and color to the city of Patras. The successful festival in Greece moved to its seventh mural and hosts FIKOS.

Fikos was born in 1987 in Athens where he lives until today. From a small boy he draws everything he sees around him, such as comics, landscapes, pictures and much more. At the age of 13 he began his studies of Byzantine painting with George Kordis, a teacher with whom he collaborated professionally for 5 years at the iconography of Orthodox temples, while at the same time evolving his personal painting idiom.

Technically, his painting is shown on portable works (Japanese handmade paper stuck in wood), which are painted with the technique of the eggheart and frescoes in which he uses acrylics. Having worked as a graffiti artist and illustrator of orthodox Christian temples, Fikos continues his evolutionary course through large frescoes in public spaces. The value of these works is unique, as it is the first time that monumental Byzantine art meets a modern movement such as street art.

The theme of his frescoes are inspired by the Christian Orthodox tradition and ancient Greek mythology respectively, while it is directly related to the place in which it is presented, but also to the didactic ones. Fikos’ painting is not another “self-expression” of the artist, but a social event, a real “creation” (municipality + project, work for the community-society).

His work has been presented in France, Bulgaria, England, Ireland, Ukraine, Austria, Lithuania, Switzerland, Norway and Mexico, in exhibitions and museums, television and radio, private and public spaces.

Fikos’ vision is the dissemination and recognition of contemporary Greek painting on a global level, not as a nostalgic achievement of the past, but as a contemporary ecumenical event.

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