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Dan Ferrer “Miss Wiesbaden” 2017-06-22

Dan Ferrer “Miss Wiesbaden”

Miss Wiesbaden”, is the latest piece created, by Dan Ferrer, with spray and acrylic paint on wall in the city of Wiesbaden (Germany). This mural is curated by Meeting of Styles, and has been one of the main walls of the event.

Miss Wiesbaden_close BR

As Dan explains: “To create this work I have been inspired by the city itself. That is why I have personified it as a woman and have added classic elements of the city: the thermal waters (famous since Roman times), the flower of Lis in the hair (it appears in the heraldic shield of the city), the shell In the hand (shield of the district where the wall is located, Mainz-Kastel), the vintage clothes that evokes an aristrocratic city, and vegetation, represented by the leafy forests that can be seen from the plane when you arrive”.

Miss Wiesbaden_open4 BR

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