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Meeting Of Styles – 2022

Meeting Of Styles – 2022

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Look into our Partners

Discover the person behind the art!

Discover the person behind the art!



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The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


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Interview: Nespoon

Interview: Nespoon

Talking about positive art

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Poetry installation in Bologna (Opiemme)

Poetry installation in Bologna (Opiemme) 04/18/2016

 A street poetry action for spreading poetry in the streets, for free, and just for the aim of bringing poetry closer to people. No commission or authorsation to make it. (more…)

Jerome 04/04/2016

Jerome was born in july 1994 ,in Köln Deutschland. He is a Street Poet based in Thessaloniki Hellas. He feels that strong words only come true through Walls.

New mural by Dourone in Costa Rica

New mural by Dourone in Costa Rica 02/16/2016

PURA VIDA is the name of the last mural of Dourone, created in Jacó a coastal village in Costa Rica.
The wall is located in downtown Jacó and its dimensions are 7 meters high and 30 meters long. (more…)

Special Valentine’s Day STREETART

Special Valentine’s Day STREETART 02/14/2016

Where there is great Love, there is Art. It’s Valentine’s Day today, let’s share some great Street Art !

“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” ~Marc Chagall


Curtiço 02/09/2016

An artist from Monte Gordo, located at the south of Portugal, who grew up with enormous freedom of exploration, that the streets of the 90’s offered to him. Closely linked to the natural environment, he spent hours in the woods, on the beach or in the marsh, dealing with insects, cats, circus animals, etc. (more…)

Marc Sund

Marc Sund 02/08/2016

Marc Sund is a German street artist, muralist, painter and graffiti writer who currently lives in Munich and painted pieces all over Europe. His art works often contain as much powerful images as they deliver food for thoughts. (more…)

Gehod 369

Gehod 369 02/06/2016

“Who is hiding under the name of Gehod 369 ? A young man with a taste of the mystery of creation!
Originally from Switzerland, he lived for six years in the South West of France where he studied at the Beaux Arts in Toulouse . (more…)

Nazrin Musayeva

Nazrin Musayeva 01/19/2016

Nazrin Musayeva Recycles Garbage Bags Into Graffiti-Like Street Art. ”I embrace street art in projects as it’s close to me and I believe that using this medium helps to decorate old buildings. (more…)


HAD 01/15/2016

HAD is the young artist collective from Bosnia and Herzegovina formed in June 15, 2015. Their artwork is based on a specific technique of street art, the wallcut as they call it. A synthesis of their initial commitments, and also their professions, where members are a street artist, an architect and a fine artist (more…)


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Interview: Nespoon

Interview: Nespoon

Talking about positive art.

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