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artist Curtiço


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An artist from Monte Gordo, located at the south of Portugal, who grew up with enormous freedom of exploration, that the streets of the 90’s offered to him. Closely linked to the natural environment, he spent hours in the woods, on the beach or in the marsh, dealing with insects, cats, circus animals, etc.
The contact with art on a regular basis only came at the age of 15. But, with 19 years old, he started studying Visual Arts in UALG and discovers his passion. Since then he didn’t stoped producing. Suddenly, he found cork’s advantages and sees the possibility of bringing nature to the urban spaces, to express his ideals and beliefs with an ecological and spiritual message.

Chose to produce a huge part of his work on the street because he feels it is time to claim the public space, because art shouldn’t be elitist. With cork mixed with paints, brings a part of the country on his heart, although he needs to spread its message throughout the world. Sees himself like a dreamy and motivating human being and a diffuser of faith in self progress.

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