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XEL recent works in Torino 2020-04-29

XEL recent works in Torino

Looking into Italian artist XEL nad his last murals which he made in 2019, we beem to the wonderful areas of Sorrento and Turin, in Italy.In Sorrento XEL painted two works at the EAV station for Inward – Osservatorio sulla creatività urbana. The works are the representation of the local landscape through his surreal language. At the first wall with a horizontal development and in the second vertically. The title of the works is “Costiera tones”.

More recently, however, he was invited by Città Metropolitana di Torino to create a mural inside their building about Europe.

Given the position and the development of the wall, XEL painted a landscape depicting typical and recognizable architecture of some European cities Lisbon, Seville, Paris, Turin and a piece of Holland. The sky is the blue flag of Europe with the 12 stars. It is therefore a work that speaks of free movement, of the landscape that changes, all under the same sky.

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