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WOMART – women in Art 2018-05-25

WOMART – women in Art

WOMART, a project created by Rebobinart that aims to recognise female artists, has kicked off with 10 art interventions in 10 Catalan cities. The artworks were created by 10 female artists that stand out by the excellent quality of their works. Mural artists that took part in Womart are: Hyuro (Reus), Elbi Elem (Tortosa), Lula Goce (Vilanova y la Geltrú), Btoy (Olot), Ovni (Manresa), Paula Bonet (Figueres) and Minuskula (Sant Cugat del Vallès). Aïda Gómez and Monica Rikic created art installations in Mataró and Granollers respectively. Artistic duo Pedra will exhibit their art installation on June 22 in Girona.

The Curator and Director of this project WOMART: Miriam Alarcon.

Cover photo: Mural Lula Goce, Vilanova i la Geltrú, foto Crispetes Pictures

Mural Btoy a Olot, foto Marc Planagumà


Mural Figueres Paula Bonet, foto J. Samsó i L.Torner


Mural Hyuro a Reus, foto Eduardo Porras


Mural OVNI Manresa, foto Sergi Vazquez


Mural St Cugat Minuskula, foto Marc Quevy


Womart calls for the need to recognise female artists in the visual arts, a male-dominated field that tends to minimise the presence of women in museums, galleries and official institutions. Womart is a response to this situation and aims to promote the presence of female artists as well as their professional recognition.

Tortosa Mural Elbi Elem, foto Vanessa Batista


Exposició Mónica Rikic a Granollers


project by Aïda Gómez Mataró


procés de preparació projecte Aïda Gómez Mataró


Here are some facts and figures on the presence and recognition of women in the arts:

· 70% of Art students in Spain are women

· Art National Award has been given to 11 female artists and 70 male artists

· Premio Príncipe de Asturias has never been given to any female in visual arts

· 20 male artists have been awarded the Catalan Award in Visual Arts but only 5 female artists have been given this award

· Only 14% of solo exhibitions held between 2011 and 2015 in museums in Barcelona were dedicated to female artists

Given this situation, it is necessary to develop projects and initiatives denouncing this situation in order to achieve true equality between men and women in the arts. Womart wants to join in this endeavour and that’s why we are already working in future actions of the project such as conferences, art exhibitions, art interventions and series of documentaries.


HYURO: Reus, muralism

PAULA BONET: Figueres, muralism
ELBI ELEM: Tortosa, muralism
B-TOY: Olot, muralism
OVNI: Manresa, muralism
Mònica Rikic: Granollers, art installation
Aïda Gómez: Mataró, art installation
MINUSKULA: Sant Cugat del Vallès, muralism
LULA GOCE: Vilanova i la Geltrú, muralism

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