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VETUS ALIA NATURA VEI Commonplace Mural 2021-09-13


The Kill The Pig together with Art’Officina presents a monumental mural by Italian artist COMMON PLACE on the main facade of the IIS Canonica di Vetralla. A project commissioned by the province of Viterbo following an important restoration of the structure.

In absolute consistency with the objectives of the PUBLIC art residency, which for over six years has been developing art itineraries throughout the country, the “VETUS ALIA NATURA VEI” project comes to life.

Building symbol of the cultural growth of the entire community, redesigned as the epicenter of a lively dialogue between art, culture and public space intended as a shared place.

A complex aesthetic equation and at the same time full of stimuli that the author decides not to limit to academic research of harmonic solutions but on the contrary tackles by following a personal investigation of the contents and themes of the territory. Not just an action of regeneration of collective spaces but a more sensitive commitment to the design and creation of a work of art destined to enter the artistic heritage of Vetralla.



It all begins with a heavy and anonymous architectural element, almost repelling, monolithic concrete block that COMMON PLACE floods with contemporary symbols and memories of a distant past. Unexpected protagonists that the author samples with the express purpose of recomposing his dense but never chaotic pictorial plot. He takes full advantage of the long studies on graphic synthesis, transforming each subject into a minimal sign, kept in place thanks to a perfect use of strong chromatic contrasts in balance with each other. An articulated and complex work that certainly leaves room for a reading of the individual images but which is defined in its fullness in a single and only creative act.

“Public” _ Urban Art Residence
Born from an idea of ​​Kill The Pig, the PUBLIC art residence curated by Carlo Vignapiano and Elena Nicolini, was born as a response to a request for greater attention to the delicate relationship between the livability of collective spaces, local culture and the reborn practices of contemporary art. With more than twenty urban art interventions and various site-specific installations to its credit, the PUBLIC art residence for the municipalities of Rome, Selci, Civita Castellana, Gallese, Capranica and Vetrallacontinues with the desire to connect the many realities of the territory through a single cultural network. A constant commitment that, thanks to the contribution of international artists and experts in the sector, is responsible for providing a concrete response to the request for attention to the delicate balance between the livability of common spaces, the culture of the territory and the reborn practices of public art.


Municipality of Vetralla |2021

PUBLIC urban art residence

Director of photography: Sara Francola

Assistant Artist: Michela Pierlorenzi

Assistant: Kim Colace

Fotos: Sara Francola

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