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UrbanAct wall in Thessaloniki, Greece 2017-05-23

UrbanAct wall in Thessaloniki, Greece

Our friends over in URBAN ACT invited artists Same84 and Apset to paint the Axepa Hospital wall, in the port city of Thessaloniki in Greece, proving once more how their actions can contribute towards better aesthetics and serving a good cause!

URBAN ACT is an initiative to promote alternative cultural events and art, especially public walls. Founded in 2012 by the members of Carpem Diem crew, they promote public walls all over Greece and collaborate with institutions and organizations that offer public art all over the globe.


For this event they picked two fine young Greek artists, Same84 and Apset, to give more color to the walls of the Axepa Hospital in the city of Thessaloniki.

Same84 is a Greek artist born in Athens, in 1996 he started to experience with graffiti and nowadays his works goes from graffiti to illustrations and tattooing over to graphic designs.


The secong artist invited was Apset, this Greek artist was born in 1984 and started painting in 1998. Member of the organization Urban Act, he co-organizes the ‘SAF’ Street Art Festival in Thessaloniki.


The wall was painted under the initiative of the Kidney Association of Thessaloniki, to help raising organ donations.

The piece is called “Live Twice” and here are more photos of this great and huge wall:



Great work and initiative!!!

Tomás Cardoso/ISSA Team


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