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UrbanAct vs Greece’s Lethal Wildfires 2019-06-03

UrbanAct vs Greece’s Lethal Wildfires

UrbanAct completed its first circle of interventions in schools in the areas affected by the lethal fire of June 2018. A special and meaningful action involving the artists Life In Colour and Same84.

The interventions were implemented in the Primary School of Agia Marina, at the kindergarten of Ag.Marina and at 1st Epal of Rafina. All murals gave a touch of color “breath” to the students, the school community and the wider region, with symbolic themes: The mural at the Primary School captures spring-hope, the mural in the Kindergarten a feast of colors and geometric shapes and the mural painting at Epal that “faces” on Marathon Avenue, a clear reference to nature: a feminine figure-symbol of mother nature and an owl-symbol of knowledge. All painted through the unique style and color palette of each artist.

All the actions were supported by Interamerican, DEDDIE, Pellachrom, Vivechrom, Flame, Praktiker and Mateco, Lifo and I Support Street Art .

UrbanAct wants to thank everyone who has participated in any way in their efforts and they are moving forward with more power and colors for their second round of interventions in these areas.



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