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Urban Forms Festival 2018 Review 2018-09-05

Urban Forms Festival 2018 Review

Urban Forms Foundation decided to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary by bringing new kind of murals to the city, so this year’s Urban Forms Festival was special. One month ago, in Łódź, four amazing artists came to paint 3D and illusionistic murals on the walls commissioned by the residents and owners of the buildings. The artists invited for Urban Forms Festival 2018 were: Viktor Puzin (Russia), Awer (Italy), Peeta (Italy) and Okuda (Spain).

Apart from that, the festival provided an opportunity for students and graduates of the Łódź Academy of Fine Arts to present their works in the form of an art gallery in the underground passages at Atlas Arena. In addition, to reflect the introduction of the art into urban space, right before the festival, three young artists from Łódź (Martyn Gill, Adam Szczęsny and Gu-Tang Clan) painted the tram that is currently available to use in the city.

The Festival was not only focused on murals but also included workshops (with Polish site-specific artist Kasia Breska), screenings and tours along the trail of newly created works. There was also an outdoor theater spectacle for the youngest art fans organised by the local puppets theatre “Małe Mi”.

Murals painted during the festival:

PEETA – 3d mural painted on the building of Bałucki Market

AWER – “Anatomy of funny moments”, mural painted using the chromadepth technology, to view with the specially polarized glasses that make it looks like it’s all popping out!

VIKTOR PUZIN – “Extra Volume”, mural 3d with the element of installation – the cubes that fell down from the wall

OKUDA – “The magic beings from the oil sea”, mural painted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Erasmus Student Network in Poland, the biggest one made during the Urban Forms Festival 2018.

Thanks to the great artists, team of volunteers and partners, the Urban Forms 2018 Festival has been a big success, with also positive feedback from the people living in the estates, in the area of painted buildings and inhabitants of Łódź city.

Photography by Paweł Trzeźwiński


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