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Urban Art intervention by Russian artist Alexey Luka 2018-12-05

Urban Art intervention by Russian artist Alexey Luka

The fourth and last artist hosted by the fifth edition of the Antonio Giordano urban art award is Alexey Luka. Luka has created two walls, the first entitled “M”, 8x8m and the second entitled “Composition 19-2”, 4×4 m.

Alexey Luchko, aka Alexey Luka, is a Russian artist and illustrator, born in Moscow in 1983. His architectural studies have greatly influenced his artistic production.

After his debut in the field of graffiti art, he changed his language into abstract graphic forms, using color as the main element of his work. Over the years, he has perfected his style by fusing abstract figures with organic and geometric shapes in complex post-constructionist compositions.

Wall 1

The artist, active for more than fifteen years, has applied his unique style to walls, canvases, collages, assemblages and digital works.

Whether he uses spray cans or other techniques like acrylic paints, collages or sculptures, his compositions are always recognizable; in his works, the color palette and geometric shapes interact by developing a sort of puzzle with a strong expressive force. Although at first glance his pieces resemble abstract works, they actually hide organic forms. Human faces and landscapes are only suggested to the viewer, but able to unleash the imagination of the beholder.

Wall 2

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