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Upeart Festival 2019 brings urban art across Finland 2019-11-05

Upeart Festival 2019 brings urban art across Finland

Upeart Festival is a yearly festival celebrating urban art across Finland that has kicked off this fall for the fourth time. This year, the event brings permanent works of public art to nine cities across the country. This makes Upeart Festival, the biggest urban and public art event in Finland.

Below you can find a list of this fall’s Upeart Festival 2019 artists and pieces.

Location: Kalasääksentie 10, Espoo
Description: In his piece ‘Winter is coming.’ Time to migrate again.’ Italian artist Pixel Pancho reflects on the difficult relationship between nature and humanity. The powerful work is a modern interpretation of the ancient myth of Leda and the Swan and is executed in the spirit of art nouveau using a diverse color palette. In the piece drawing from Robotics, Leda is nature and the swan humanity ruthlessly using its power. Pixel Panchos piece is located in the Karakallio Creative art district.

Tämän valokuvan tekijänoikeudet omistaa Miska Photography


Location: Sepänkatu 15, Joensuu
Description: Greek artist INO painted a mural on the facade of an apartment building in Joensuu. Known for his large scale murals around the world, INO explores both social and political themes in his works and is inspired by the beauty and ugliness of human nature. In Joensuu, INO painted an intensely gazing female figure with her thoughts pierced by a hint of light blue.

Location: Kirstintie 1, Espoo
Description: Italian artist Moneyless played with abstract shapes and colors in his piece, located on the façade of a large apartment building. The powerful mural became an impressive landmark in the Suvela area in Espoo. Moneyless’ mural has a moderate amount of shapes but surprising layers, that are spiced with an intense color palette.

Location: Vesitorninkatu 6, Mikkeli
Description: Finnish artists Taneli Stenberg and Anetta Lukjanova painted the first large scale mural city of Mikkeli has seen. In their piece located on the façade of a large apartment building, the artist duo painted an autumn landscape where two weasels are curiously peeking out. The mural charmed the people of Mikkeli already during painting, and the finished piece has received magnificent feedback and is already widely loved.
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Location: Kalasääksentie 8, Espoo
Description: Jussi TwoSeven, one of Finland’s most famous street artists, has become a unique part of the cityscape of Espoo. The artist’s black and white animal characters have previously been seen on apartment buildings, underpasses, and most recently the facade of the new Otaniemi High School. For his Upeart Festival 2019 piece, Jussi TwoSeven painted two walls of a large apartment building complex in Espoo’s vibrant art area, Karakallio. His paintings present a powerful figure of an osprey and play with opposites, turning from positive to negative – a technique Jussi TwoSeven used for the very first time in Espoo.

Location: Saarenvainionkatu 9, Tampere
Description: Mexican artist Paola Delfin painted a large scale mural on the facade of an apartment building in the city of Tampere. The artists black and white mural ‘Familia’ represents three building residents from different generations and nationalities – the oldest original resident and a mother and her young daughter. The building is home to an inspiring community of different nationalities from countries affected by wars and conflicts. Together, they have formed a large family that cares for each other and reinforces their feeling of safety and positive growth environment.

Location: Inkereentie 348, Salo
Description: Serbian artist duo Sobeckis painted an interesting mural in a very unusual location – in a barn located in a field near a busy driveway to the city of Salo. Painted on all sides, the barn was given a powerful theme of colors, movement, and abstract shapes, and it will be illuminated by renewable electricity. The Salo barn mural challenges the traditions of urban public art, where works are normally seen in the middle of the cityscape.

Location: Savonkatu 13, Iisalmi
Description: Spanish street artist Spidertag created his latest piece ‘Interactive Neon Mural #6’ in the city of Iisalmi. The artist, known for his large scale murals made with fiber optic cables, incorporated a new level of interactivity in his piece in Iisalmi. For the very first time, the viewers can interact with the mural’s color scheme and movements by using the Lotus Lantern App on their mobile devices.

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