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The Box by Zabou in Bayreuth 2021-09-27

The Box by Zabou in Bayreuth

Zabou was invited to Bayreuth in Germany for a special project gathering over 50 artists and curated by HERA. The building, part of the Maisel & Friends and Liebesbier Brewery,and currently a construction site, will be an art hotel (opening in 2022).

The artist was given an unusual space to work with: a bridge linking two buildings with three sides – and she decided to transform it into a box! The front depicts a man crawling and trying to get out of the box, while the back shows his feet coming through the cardboard. The bottom is painted too with a crease and brown tape.

The piece is both surprising and amusing for the audience walking by, with a deeper meaning about not fitting where we belong.

Photo credit: Zabou

Artist at work / Photo credit: Simon Markhof

“The Box” – Zabou – 2x 7×3,5m – Bayreuth, Germany – 2021

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