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Teenage kicks festival 2015 (review) 2016-02-03

Teenage kicks festival 2015 (review)

Among some of the finest street art events is the Teenage Kicks Festival. Looking back at the event of 2015 we would like to make a short introduction for you to get a better feel of what it is about.

In 2013 Teenage Kicks was born , the First Urban art biennale in Rennes, France. Organized by Patrice Poch and Mathias Brez for Graffiteam association. Aryz, Vhils, Seth, Delta, Bates, and about fifty other artists tried to question art in the city city ​​through by the realization of painting in the public space.

just for kicks poster

From 01 September to 25 October 2015, Teenage Kicks moved for the second time in Rennes, Saint-Malo and is expanding in Nantes. Already present at the first edition, VELVET and zoer was last years main guest, they have work realized in each city crossed by the event and also imagined the visual of the poster.

blog_sobekcis6 blog_zedz_gildasraffenel blogfreakcity_gildas DINO_credit-gildas Raffenel_Teenagekicks2015 Satone-Dem189_credit_gildas Raffenel the-Feebles_Gaëlle-Evellin5 ZOER_VELVET_Teenagekicks2015 ZOER_VLVET_Teenagekicks2015

In the last edition, thirty national and international artists among which Zedz (Nl), Satone (All), RCF (Fr) DEM189 (Aus), PABLO COTS (Fr) The OUSTIDER (Fr) Sozyone ( Be), JABA (Be), Hell’O MONSTER (Be), GREY (Fr) Brusk (Fr) DINOVOODOO (Fr), BLACK Tuesday (Fr), SETH (Fr) LEYTO (Fr), and many others have produced works on site, ephemeral or perennial, exhibitions of mural painting or performance, for the pleasure of all and for free, inside and outside the walls of the city.

MIST-Teenagekicks2015 Jean_Moderne_Teenagekicks2015 Hell'o_Monster_credit_gildas Raffenel GRISONE_credt_Gildas raffenel SOZYONE_JABA_Teenagekicks2015

Visit their website:

We cant wait to see the 2017 event!

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