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Street Art guide for Lima (Peru) 2019-11-25

Street Art guide for Lima (Peru)

Lima is certainly one of the most artistic and colorful cities in Peru, making it one of the most vibrant in terms of street art in South America, and the Barranco district is it’s canvas.
Barranco is a small bohemian neighbourhood, where in addition to very large murals and installations, there are also art and photography galleries of famous artists. In 2015 Castañeda Lossio (Lima’s Mayor in that year) ordered to cover all of the graffiti around Baranco with yellow paint like his political colour, over 60 murals have been covered and the local artists have acted with a festival “muraliza el barrio” which takes place every year right since 2015 (this year it was in September).

If you would like to visit Barranco my suggestion is to start from the “ Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Lima (MAC-Lima)” and to go until Jiron Mariscal Jose Antonio de Sucre where you will find the huge tunnel and then through this you will arrive to “Puente de los Suspiros” where you can find the Jade Rivera’s Museum and many more. From this way you will arrive to the beach called “Playa Barranco”, I think you cannot miss it because there is a nice view to the sea!

The Peruvian street art is inspired by various themes: spirituality, innocence, dreams and equality. I was able to see street art only in 2 of the most important Peruvian cities. Lima and Cusco, The graffiti of Lima is very inspired by the freedom of the human being, the dreams of adults and children, while in Cusco it refers to the Andean and Inca traditions.

The artists of the Peruvian street art scene are several:

Jade Rivera with his graffiti inspired by children, dreams and traditions (in Lima it is also possible to see his museum which contains many of his art-works, some inspired to his wife)

Entes more inspired to traditions with an eye also on the African’s culture

Elliot Tupac typographic muralist with his poetic and colorful writings.

Daniel Cortez (Decertor) his style reflects the Incas and Andean traditions, on his murals you can see the faces of Shamans and Peruvian men,women and childrens.

If you are in Lima for few days or weeks you must see Barranco district and if you don’t have time to explore it one of the best tour that you can do is Tailred Tours Peru with the best street Art’s tour in the city.


Best of the week

The best photo of the week by @Colectivo _MDH

The story of this mural is beautiful, this lady was staring at the ocean for the first time in her life and one guy from “colectivo MDH” took her picture and painted her eyes moved at the sight of the sea.

”This was my first time in South America and I’ve started my world round trip from Peru. What caught my attention in Peru is the links of traditions and the respect for nature and animals, which is well understood in Street Art. The murals are made in strategic points in the cities so whoever observes them, can stop and think about the stories behind them. This is Peru, a mystical country in every corner and exciting to discover.”


Written by Arianna for I Support Street Art while travelling around the world, discovering Street Art.

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