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Senior Street Art Workshop in Belgrade 2020-06-24

Senior Street Art Workshop in Belgrade

The first ever “Street art workshop for seniors” was organized last weekend in Belgrade by Street Art Belgrade and Paint Kartel.The reaction of the participants was loud and clear – “We want more!”.

Although street art has been an indispensable part of the urban environment, the wider community is usually unfamiliar with the development and value of this visual expression. The goal of the “Street art workshop for seniors” was to inspire and provide practical knowledge to participants over the age of 60, as a way of support for understanding street art and further creative expression.

Also, through this workshop, the older generations connected with the younger ones in a unique way and challenged the stereotype that street art is only for “young people”.

Participants had the opportunity to learn more about street art, about the motives and inspiration that artists have when creating, as well as to get acquainted with painting techniques and create their own works of art.

Artists from the Serbian “Paint Kartel” crew were their mentors throughout the workshop. The members of the crew have been active on the graffiti scene for many years and use different styles and techniques in their work.

The workshop is part of a series of activities that are continuously organized by the organization “Street Art Belgrade” in cooperation with the local culture center “Božidarac” (street art exhibitions, street art weekend, street art tours…) in order to promote street art and include the local community.

Photo credit: Nemanja Stojanović

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