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Artist group Trouble

Rooftop at SELECT

“You Are Here” is a multi-sensory installation and living sculpture. It is activated by performers, musicians, dancers, and visitors. Audience members arrive at “You Are Here” with the intention of catching a particular presentation, but intentions are frustrated and transformed by the labyrinthine construction, all held together by a plethora of performance artists. Artists and audiences alike are invited to question the expectations that arise around performance in the context of community. This year’s incarnation of You Are Here brings a new design forSELECT fair’s roof install. Dozens of performers hold together a maze comprised of industrial plastic mesh banners. Musical guests and audience members stand within the structure. Not to be missed!

Whitebox Art Center presents Andriy Bazyuta’s video installation “Arial Allusions” (rooftop) – “Arial Allusions” is an interactive, multilayered 3D dual projection work engaging visitors-as-participants through the use of ‘Kinect’ 3D sensors akin to a dendrological ideation. Beaming the moving audience from high up figure by figure will propel, in real time, the illusion of an amended architectural space where human sounds get converted into analogous geometrical images using as foil the ‘maze’ construct provided by Now You See Collective. Likewise, classic New York City rooftop elements such as the water tower, gazebos, retaining low walls, and the tar floor will become screening fields. / Figures entering the rooftop, upon coming in contact with sensors, will become active participants, their body shapes surrounded by an unlimited number of projected geometrical moving visual patterns caused by their transposed innate sounds. These sounds will be gleaned, processed, and visually mapped into constant oscillating images thrown upon various architectures surrounding the audience. The larger the crowd and the louder the sound propelled, the shakier the projected vibrating images will become, reaching a super saturated point turning into a sea of electrifying, rambling and shattering images. / Projections will be sourced from two asymmetrical perspective points. The one situated high up on the water tower will track and trap shifting bodies from above enclosing their figures into a single, vertiginously colored micro-environment which upon being approached by another body, the second low lying projector will, in synchronicity, linearly surround both images from its binary position in a dramatic overlap.

Skowhegan presents “The Double”, The Double is primarily a visual phenomenon making video a natural medium for its exploration. The earliest silent films recognized the inherent doubling that occurs through picture, investigating notions of an uncanny second self in films such as the The Golem and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Through doubling or mirroring, one is confronted with the illusion of wholeness, a dispersion of the self, and perhaps revelations or repressions of fears and desires kept hidden within the body. The Double can also represent an alter ego, a copy or forgery, or a false twin or Doppelganger. However, doubles are not exclusively physical in a bodily sense. Doubling may also be traced to the mode of production of the work, reminding us that the replication and dissemination of image is physical in its duplication as well.

Featuring works by:
Mike Calway-Fagen ’11, Jonathan Ehrenberg ’11, Amy Finkbeiner ’01, Victoria Fu ’06, Meredith James ’11, Andrew Ellis Johnson ’99, Siobhan Landry ’11, Sarah Lasley ’04, Dan Levenson ’09, Ann Oren ’09, Chris Sollars ’98, Cheryl Yun ’03, Bryan Zanisnik ’08

Mandy Mandelstein presents “If the Walls Had Eyes” – If The Walls Had Eyes visualizes and humanizes the multiple pairs of eyes that observe the things we putting out into the world on a daily basis, not only by the people we wish to see our personal content, but the digital eyes that are always watching, the ones we don’t necessarily think about. Part inspired by an attention-starved roommate, and part by a dream, the interactive projection installation consists of multiple videos that watch and follow the viewer as they pass by.

Fawn Rogers – LA-based artist Fawn Rogers’ “COURT” is a series of 54 paintings, featuring images of 52 art collectors chosen at random from ARTNews’ “Top 200” list, presented as a standard deck of playing cards. Two “wildcard” collectors who were not on the list appear on the joker cards. Fair visitors are invited to come participate in a Texas Hold ‘em style poker game with our resident performance artists, embodying the high-stakes speculation of contemporary art collecting. The deck of cards serves as the epitomical symbol of leisure and chance, a metaphor for the machinations of war, and as a unit of outlaw currency. Playing cards represent the thrill of power, possession, and participation in games of luck and strategy. Like the art of collection, playing cards can be used to create communities, forge alliances, swindle enemies, and astonish strangers. Utilizing symbols of fortune, stratication and sport, COURT invites the viewer to explore the evolving dynamics of art collecting, whose key players’ interests will represent this time in history. COURT pays homage to and recognizes the pivotal role of the collector in the world of art and allows players to experience the thrill of high-stakes wheeling and dealing—winner takes all, may the best player win…



Saturday, May 16th
2 pm – 3:30 pm
“Freedom of Press?” is moderated by Dushko Petrovich of Paper Monument. Panelists include Christopher Howard, Aruna D’Souza, and Colleen Asper.
– Presented by Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Saturday, May 16th
4 pm – 5:30 pm

Katerina Lanfranco of Rhombus Space and Andrew Prayzner of Tiger Strikes Asteroid co-moderate a panel entitled: “Artist as Curator”. Panel participants include: Matthew Deleget of Minus SpaceBen King  of HKJBMira Schor, Julie Torres, and Sun Yon.
– Co-presented by Rhombus Space and Tiger Strikes Asteroid

Sunday May 17th
2 pm – 3 pm

Digital Objects is moderated by Yin Ho, and includes Zoë Salditch of Electric ObjectsAndrea Wolf of Reverse Gallery and interactive artist, Marco Antonini of NURTUREArt, and Siebreen Versteeg, artist.
– Presented by Tiger Strikes Asteroid


May 13th
Tiger Strikes Asteroid presents a Chuckles Plus Performance
6 – 10 pm at various locations throughout SELECT
SELECT Art Fair presents Sylva Dean & Me
6 – 10 pm at various locations throughout SELECT

May 14th
SELECT Art Fair presents Sylva Dean & Me
1 – 3 pm at various locations throughout SELECT
Transmitter Gallery presents Chris Hosea’s “Ex Post Facto”
8 pm in the SELECT Lounge. Floor 3

May 15th / Franklin Furnace Presents:
Franklin Furnace presents Rachel Frank’s “Rewilding Manhattan”
2 pm on the rooftop
Franklin Furnace presents Elaine Angelopoulos’ “Tarantella”
3 – 7 pm in the SELECT Lounge / Floor 3
Franklin Furnace presents Chun Hua Catherine Dong’s “The Yellow Umbrella – An unfinished Conversation”
4 pm on the rooftop
Franklin Furnace presents Anya Liftig “Sketches for the Samuel Beckett Orchestra”
5:30 on the rooftop

MAY 16th
Fresh Windows Gallery presents Benjamin Heller’s “Blind Spot”
1 pm on the rooftop
SELECT Art Fair presents Sylvia Dean & Me
1 – 3 pm at various locations throughout SELECT
Tiger Strikes Asteroid presents Jodi Lyn-Kee Chow’s “Color Chameleon”
3 pm on the rooftop
Transmitter presents Lisa Dillin’s “Allogrooming Lounge II”
6 pm in the SELECT Lounge, floor 3
Transmitter presents Marcus Civin’s “Oblong Buttons = Masks”
7 pm in the SELECT Lounge, floor 3
Transmitter presents Jenny Drumgoole’s “Happy Trash Day”
8 pm in the SELECT Lounge, floor 3
Transmitter presents Todd Anderson’s “Hotwriting”
9 pm in the SELECT Lounge, floor 3

MAY 17th
Vanessa Albury and Rachel Rampleman present “The Sun That Never Sets”
1 – 3 pm on the rooftop


MAY 13 – 17, 2015
548 W 22nd Street
New York, NY

Wednesday May 13th | 6:00-10:00 pm
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Thursday May 14th | 2:00-10:00 pm
Friday May 15th | 2:00-10:00 pm
Saturday May 16th | 12:00-10:00 pm
Sunday May 17th | 12:00-6:00 pm

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