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REVERSIBLE ABSTRACTION by Giorgio Bartocci in Italy 2019-03-10

REVERSIBLE ABSTRACTION by Giorgio Bartocci in Italy

Urban Art Residence presents REVERSIBLE ABSTRACTION by Giorgio Bartocci and curated by Carlo Vignapiano and Elena Nicolini

With fourteen site-specific works, on its record, the Urban Art Residence PUBBLICA, curated by Carlo Vignapiano and Elena Nicolini, continues with the intention to link different territory realities in an exhaustive path of public Art. The project is focused on the most updated artistic experience, in an open dialogue with a wider public sensible to the relationship between the livability of collective spaces, local cultures and poetics of urban art. This journey began five years ago and has driven us today in the Gallese municipality in order to give a new start to one of the iconic building symbol of the cultural growth of the community.

Monumental creation performed by one of the most appealing exponents of contemporary abstract art, Giorgio Bartocci. It bears the name “REVERSIBLE ABSTRACTION IIª”, a mural of 900 square meters that has seen the artist solve one of the most difficult and at the same time interesting challenges promoted by the project. A whole building located at the gate of Gallese historical centre figured as the epicentre of a close confrontation between the intuitions and the particular urban architecture. An aesthetic equation of enormous complexity that Bartocci decides not to limit to an academic research of harmonious solutions but in reverse he deals with a sophisticated and deeper poetic investigation. He seeks to upset the current state of things by using unsuspected contrasts of beauty and emptiness in constant dialogue. Close reflections of an aesthetic nature, which is achieved thanks to a studied overturning of forms and dynamics construction. Giorgio overturns the patterns, shakes them until they collapse under infinite liquid substances that suddenly rise in the air and ultimately glide in soft landings. He crushes and twitches every volume following the body projections that tends and relaxes according to the gestures that regulate the performance of such a large size. A changing painting, which creates moments of reflection and syncopated thoughts in constant tonal moving, ensured by the choice of metallic paints mixed with the common dyed. REVERSIBLE therefore becomes the main urge and substance of the creative commitment, underlining the cyclical nature of an eternal Moto, perpetual action of art where the low expressed itself high and where each side rotates and revolves around it.


Divided between urban-art and product-design, Giorgio Bartocci acts as a semi-aware mouthpiece for the outcomes originated by the contemporary society’s constant inputs. Always busy in his figurative interplay of the complex urban structures and their social matters, on walls and canvases Giorgio re-creates a symbolic synthesis of the surreal liquid modernity’s habits around us. In his abstract artworks in places – to be decoded – humanoid characters like ‘future primitives’ float at the mercy of encounters-clashes between stratified scenarios and multifaceted realities. Shades, superimpositions, sub-layers, silhouettes, signs and signals are never left to chance. That tension the artist shapes is the same tension we all got stuck in; a creative tension which enriches Bartocci’s artworks with a very personal iconography, evocative and intimate as a forbidden desire”.

Giorgio Bartocci studied graphic-planning and visual-communication at the I.S.I.A. Institute, in Urbino, he realised many visual-design projects, art-shows and tasks for private authorities as well as for public institutions (both national and international).

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Picture: Sara Francola

Amazing piece of Art Giorgio!!!


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