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Public NATURA HUMILIS 2018-12-19


With thirteen monumental interventions of urban art distributed among the municipalities of Capranica, Civita Castellana and Gallese, the PUBLIC art residence , designed by Kill The Pig, returns to the Municipality of Selci (RI) with a new project by Jerico Cabrera Carandang. A precious work that taking full advantage of the delicate context of the small town square highlights the artist’s constant attention to the aesthetic dynamics that regulate Nature.

Natura Humilis ” is the title of the impeccable mural thanks to which Jerico continues the incessant investigation on the cohabitation between nature and urban limit. An expression of absolute beauty that emphasizes the dialogue between organic matter and the concept of living emptiness, transforming the pictorial result into another instrument of contact between content and form. A question already dear to the author who for years has been performing the elegant works in an increasingly difficult balance between the declinations of expressionist painting and the possibilities granted by abstract experience.

Positive experience that arises within a new formula of Micro Art Interventions conceived by Kill The Pig as part of a broad process of artistic architecture. Cameos of art donated by artists from all over the world.

“Man is a container of emotions. In the visible reality, nature is a consequence of these emotions. If I had to look for God I would watch the sunset, a flower, a predator that kills one’s prey. And if I get excited, I’m close to him. ” Jerico Cabrera Carandang

About the Artist

The pictorial capacity of Jerico, the result of his personal baggage, does not only concern the canonical tools of the canvas, oils, acrylics and brushes but manages to handle rollers and mason’s brushes by throwing himself into an enveloping Action Painting managing to involve and capture attention of the observer.

JERICO: @jerico_de_cristo (Instagram)


Photo: Kill The Pig

Communication: Reverse Studio

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