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Presenting the works from ‘Santurce Es Ley’, Puerto Rico. 2014-08-25

Presenting the works from ‘Santurce Es Ley’, Puerto Rico.

This summer offered us many fascinating events all over, but there was a shining Street art event that took place in Puerto Rico you might not know of. In the city of Santurce in PR, both local and international artists showed up and took over an area of the city creating some great works.  The event, took place in August 8-Pictures from the event Santurce es Ley 5. 

Official Local Artists:

David Zayas

Colectivo Morivivi
Omar Obdulio
Patricia Esperanza
Ricardo Sanchez
Vero Rivera
Official Internationals Artist:

Bicicleta Sem Freio – Brasil

Cyrcle – California, USA

Kiik Create – New York & Puerto Rico, USA

Madsteez – California, USA
Seth Globe Painter – Fracia

Bicicleta Sem Freio – Brasil


Cyrcle – California, USA


Kiik Create – New York & Puerto Rico, USA


Madsteez – California, USA


Seth Globe Painter – Fracia

Some words for the Organisation.

SANTURCE ES LEY is a Union of Independent Art organized by artists, independent curators and community, in order to activate a circuit of art in Santurce. Concecutivos For five years we have solidified our position as the leading exponent of emerging contemporary art and creative programming in Puerto Rico, making micro projects unite independent art scene during the same weekend in Puerto Rico.

Santurce is Law 5 (SEL5) took place in the weekend from 8 to 10 August. It included art, music programming on Calle Cerra and art presentations and projects around Santurce. 
On Sunday, August 10 to from 11:00 am, Museum of Contemporary Art opened its doors free of charge with activities for everyone, including installations, art, music and screening of short films for the second edition of NEODIVEDCO.

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Photos taken and submitted by @TOST Films, PR. (

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