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Polite BastART update 2020-02-22

Polite BastART update

Croatian street artist PolitebastArt sent us his latest series of creations. On different locations he made the following artworks that communicate a message of hope and freedom.

SOLIDARNO S REVOLUCIJOM U ROJAVI (Solidarity With the Revolution in Rojava)


Mural of solidarity for all people from Rojava who are in the process of creating a better world.


Latinoamerica Lucha!

A mural on the former prison in Las Barracas barrio, Buenos Aires. It is dedicated to all the indigenous people who are fighting the neoliberal oppression in Latin America.

p.s. Special thanks to Patricia who did this extraordinary lettering.



The portrait depicts a map of Ljubljana with a focus around AKC Metelkova (a keyhole is painted on it). Metelkova represents an urban space where the youth and various artists can freely express themselves, creating an independent art and political community. The rat symbolizes marginalized, oppressed, and stigmatized citizens who have the “key” of their hometown. It is a matter of time before they use the “key” and fight dominant urbanistic practices guided by the profit logic.

Artist Links: 


Instagram: politebastart


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