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Policromia crew reunion in Quarteira, Portugal 2019-06-11

Policromia crew reunion in Quarteira, Portugal

Meeting of friends in Quarteira, Policromia Crew united! Sunny city of Quarteira, south of Portugal, gains new walls with the meeting of the Policromia Crew.Living in The Netherlands the Portuguese artist Nuno Viegas had the idea of reuniting his old crew to do a Jam session in his hometown. Contacted his old pals and, with the big organizer Menau, painted the amazing walls. You can see total different styles coming together on one global purpose, representing Policromia Crew.

Nuno wall is a tribute to the city and in particular to the generation that gave birth to the 8125. Nuno style is well represented in this wall, with the hand coming out of the wall holding the 8125 sign. The shadows on this wall are stunning, making the piece gain a 3D effect and smile to the viewer.

Right by Nuno´s piece is Menau wall, with the blue character representing Hip Hop culture existing in Quarteira (Algarve). The piece is a question mark in the status of this culture down in the south of Portugal.

Other crew member painting was Mistik. The wall is great, you can see a realistic Ape, the planet earth at the center and the famous Spielberg´s E.T.. on the other side.

The next in line was the writer Travis, his wall went more to the New York writer and character style. With great a Frankenstein “walking” in the piece. His wall pops up with the great colors in it.

Continuing the writing style, Phixo-Herok wall is a great representation of that old-school style. The colors in this piece and the black background are a great combo, also makes the writing very clear and well define.

In a more 3D geometric graffiti style, Sokim presented his piece. The blue wall as background makes the orange/reddish colors of the writing more alive.

An hammerhead shark!! Astro painted his tag with an angry bird being the O and an hammerhead shark as the T in his great colorful wall.

In a totally different style from the rest of the pieces, we have the piece of 3FER . In more water color brushing style, 3FER painted a bird. The realism of his bird, the colors and the technique used in this piece are great and makes this piece unique.

Finally we have the great Luke´s wall. What stands out is, of course, the big cat character in the center of this piece with what looks like a critic to the world we live.

This is what happens when good friends join together and have a great time! Hope to see more in the future!

Amazing pieces Policromia Crew!

Tomás Cardoso//ISSA Team



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