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Poetic LGBTQI street art by Anthea Missy 2021-05-18

Poetic LGBTQI street art by Anthea Missy

Ta nature m’est fleur” is a carte blanche work commissioned by Cultural Centre la Villa Culture Ganshoren (Brussels) to the artist Anthea Missy. For the International LGTBQI+ Rights Day, the artist signs an intersectional work by reminding the importance of the environment in a poetic way with her androgynous lovers.

“I wanted to represent flowery-blue love, with my non-gendered lovers in the springtime setting offered by the Villa in memory of first love. The freshness of what we do not know and what is different from us is like the first love. These are the words of Paulo Amaro that inspired the sentence that accompanies my street art ( Paulo Amaro, School of Life, Metaphysics and Esotericism, France, Le Puy en Velay, 1975 ) and my friends with rich identities. Love will win!”

Anthea Missy is a committed artist who addresses with many political and social themes in her work through street art and many artistic techniques, and with love as a guideline. Her work includes the mural Ihsane Jarfi for the Maison Arc en Ciel and Women Bike the City for Zij-Kant, a feminist association, in Brussels.
The artist wanted to make an artistic film to celebrate this special day in the current context. She collaborated with Elisa Vandekerckhove, who recently made the documentary “Les nouvelles guerrières”, in order to preserve the memory of her ephemeral work and be able to share it.

Artwork / Creative Direction: Anthea Missy Photography / Film making: Elisa Vandekerckhove





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