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Wallspot 2020-05-09


Wallspot is a website and an app that manage legal spots for artistic interventions which conceives public spaces as creating means.You can manage and upload the walls of your city from the back end of the manager. It also allows you to track the frequency of use of the managed walls.

Since artists and photographers can upload the pictures of their work, the platform also works as a virtual gallery that features a visual record of all works created on Wallspot’s walls.

Wallspot’s art programmes aim to offer both artists and cultural managers new opportunities to promote their work within an international network.

The implementation of these programmes in each city is adapted to each cultural manager, who can decide how and when to develop it. Wallspot always offers support in their development. We also send annual reports to all our cultural managers that include statistics about the usability of the platform in their walls. This helps us to define which are the convinient programmes for each city, according to their artistic tissue and activity,

Until now, we have completed successfully several editions of two art programmes called Travel the Wall and Wall Lab and one edition of a training programme for urban artists. All of them have been launched through open calls in the platform, which currently has more than 6.500 registered artists. We’re always open to develop new art programmes and collaborations!

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