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Vivid Arts 2016-12-17

Vivid Arts

Vivid Arts is a startup public art discovery app built to grow the arts and culture community through a connected and unified platform. The Vivid Arts app provides the culturally curious the tools to engage with the arts, share their adventures and grow the community. It also offers a feed of the I Support Street Art latest posts so you dont miss a thing while your on the go hunting street art!


Based out of West Palm Beach, Fla., Vivid Arts officially went live in April of 2016 with the goal of connecting locals to their art scene and art scenes around the world

Founder Eddy Gee always had a deep interest in arts and culture that started as a teenager listening rap songs in his room in New Jersey. That love for public art blossomed helping an artist capture video for a mural she was creating in North Carolina. Now living in South Florida’s vibrant and growing art scene with Art Basel, Art Palm Beach and now Art Fort Lauderdale, Eddy created Vivid Arts to express his love for public art by making it easy for people to connect with art locally and internationally through his tech knowledge as an app developer.

The Vivid Arts platform makes it easy for users to explore over 150 public artworks — murals and sculptures — in South Florida. Users can explore artworks pinpointed on their map, get more information on some artworks and get Google Map directions directly there.



Additionally, you can discover Vivid Arts Exclusive blogs, videos and podcasts and partner content, such as I Support Street Art, to connect with what’s going on in the arts and culture scene around you and internationally.

Recently Vivid Arts added the ‘Vivid Arts Live’ button at the bottom of their screen to enhance the arts festival experience digitally. Users will be able to use the app as a tour guide through the festivals to find out when and where certain exhibitions and shows are and much more. Additionally, users will be able to donate to the people making the experience happen as a token of appreciation.
How it Works:

Discover what’s going on in the Vivid Arts Scene with Blogs, Podcasts and more with those making the arts and culture scene more vibrant. Easily swipe between tabs and tap on the posts to check them out.

Want to see some beautiful public art in South Florida? Check out the map! Simply click near markers to zoom into a location with pinpoints. Once you’re close enough, click on the red pinpoint markers to see an artwork. Click the ‘i’ icon for more info, where you can find the artist(s), a description, its location on the map and nearby arts and culture locations. Or click on the Google Map icon for directions directly to the artwork.

Want to check out one of our partner events? Check out “Live Events!’ Before an upcoming event, you see the banner for the event with the event info that you can easily share. During the event, you can check out the event lineups, artists and more!

You can also follow the Step-by-Step on the App by tapping the ‘Intro’ button on the menu.


Our goals are to easily grow the arts and culture community through a connected and unified platform.

** Vivid Arts was selected for Palm Beach Tech’s #MadeinPBC mentorship program where their startup will help Vivid Arts launch and grow their startup starting in January.

vivid arts

vivid arts

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