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Urban Forms Foundation 2017-03-11

Urban Forms Foundation

Urban Forms Foundation was established in 2008. It is an independent non-governmental organization which operates in the field of broadly understood city art. The impulse and inspiration to set up the foundation was the special character of Łódź – these days it was a city in search of change and development. From this time Urban Forms Foundation’s goals are: aesthetization of the public space; enabling the inhabitants to have unlimited access to art; revitalisation by art.

URBAN FORMS GALLERY – implementing art in the public space

In 2009 we created the idea of implementing art in public space – the idea of placing murals on the blank walls of tenement houses facing the main streets in the very center of the city. As soon as we gained experience and popularity, we had to revise the initial assumption and the rules of the gallery: the need appeared to implement murals also on the outskirts of the city and create them together with the inhabitants. Inhabitants became the substantial partners for us who we should respect. Now thanks to our activity there are over 80 murals in Łódź and a few other polish cities, we gained the worldwide recognition and popularity as well as the acceptance of the inhabitants and local government. So we decided that maybe it’s better to just call this initiative Urban Forms Murals or simply Murals of Łódź.


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‘I Support Street Art’ supports, as a media partner, this extraordinary Street Art wonder – assisting in the spreading of information and documentation colaborating directly with the organisers. We wish that every city would establish such a greatfull cause through this form of art!

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Below is a sample of the many walls that have been decorated artistically through out the years!


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