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International Public Art Festival (IPAF) 2020-01-16

International Public Art Festival (IPAF)

IPAF provides a platform for the public to come and see art while it also connects international and local artists with communities in a meaningful and interactive way. If you thought Cape Town’s art scene was getting a little crowded, think again, there is still a lot of space for growth.

The 4th International Public Art Festival (IPAF) will take place in and around Salt River, Cape Town, from February 12-16, and act as the opening of Art Month in Cape Town.

An initiative by our partner NGO BAZ-ART, this unique event showcases the best local and international mural artists. Adding to the 100 murals already painted, artists will create giant artworks on walls in Salt River for the benefit of the community and visitors to enjoy and learn about. The festival will be the launchpad for a number of programmes, including community gardens, art classes for children, support for spin-off businesses and other interventions aimed at community upliftment.

About the International Public Art Festival:

INTERNATIONAL // Since 2016, the International Public Art Festival has produced over 100 murals and has placed Cape Town – 2018’s World Leading Travel Destination [World Travel Awards] – at the forefront of street art and culture on the African continent. The festival brings together the best mural artists from all over the world and South Africa, where they have a opportunity to meet, exchange and share their talents.

PUBLIC // Art in public places has incredible effects on society. Good art either comforts or challenges a viewer. In either case, when applied to architectural structures within public spaces, it can render homage to the beauty and wealth of little known or even ignored suburbs and buildings, improve the living environment of residents and encourage visitors to go there and discover it. When directed and implemented in the correct way, public art becomes an incredible education tool for the betterment of society.

ART // Despite the incredible talent on the Africa continent, there are significantly less opportunities and platforms available to showcase and express artistic creativity, skills and diversity in a manner that allows for art to be enjoyed by all. The International Pubic Art Festival opens it doors to all artists regardless of their art category. A graffiti artist can be painting next to a fine art or an illustrator.

FESTIVAL // The flagship event has attracted artists from across the world to create murals that educate, provoke thought and conversations while re-inspiring our curiosity and excitement through creative storytelling, redefining and elevating the spaces we inhabit, in a festive way.

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About Baz-Art

Baz-Art is a non-profit organisation, established in November 2016, which focuses on producing art in public spaces and creating employment opportunities for street artists.

Striving for inclusivity, involvement and community respect, the organisation produces works of art for urban and rural public spaces, property developments and refurbishments on behalf of governments, embassies, city councils, humanitarian organisations, charitable foundations as well as private, corporate and publicly owned entities.

The role of Baz-Art is to organize and coordinate the execution of varying public art activations for artists, seeking new opportunities and matching the Artists profiles with client briefs. By providing the business and administrative structure BAZ-ART is able to allow artists to focus on their artistry, while extending opportunities that they might have missed otherwise.

BAZ-ART strives for inclusivity, involvement and community respect.
Baz-Art’s art actions follow the rule of the three pillars: Art & Education; Art & Community; Art & Artist.

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”I Support Street Art”  is a proud Media Partner for this annual street art event.

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