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“BLOOP” Art FESTIVAL 2020-05-22


BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival takes place every year in Ibiza during July and August since 2011 and recently in Milan too. It is completely independent, self financed and all activities are for free. The Festival`s aim is to encourage the audience to be proactive and “to think” about a certain theme, usually imminent social issues, that is closely related to our daily lives.

The totally independent festival is changing the face of Ibiza. Uniting people to new arts, music, technology and education.

This Festival dedicated to a universal audience showcases art that is comprehensible for everybody. The festival includes new technologies leaning such as VR, AR, interactive installations, video mappings and other new arts in addition to the disciplines that have been exhibited in the previous years such as installations, sculptures, photography, workshop for children, expositions and more. Stay tuned to see what he is up to this year!

Ibiza, renowned for its entertainment and beautiful beaches is becoming a cultural destination. Thanks to the BLOOP initiative. During the month long celebration, arts such as the following take place: graffiti, interactive installations, fine arts, sculptures, video mappings, photography, creative workshops for children/adults, music sessions, concerts, performances and many more all for free.

From cinema and fine arts to street art and children’s workshops. The range of arts and activities in the program is extremely wide rendering the event truly universal. A museum of fine arts, new arts and music, BLOOP Headquarters; a long term project to convert an entire city into a true gallery, OpenAir.Gallery; sunset hours music sessions, BLOOP’n’ Sunsets; innovative creative workshops, BLOOP KIDS; and open air projections of self-produced experimental films, Drive-in BLOOP are just some of the events within the eclectic program.


In the past the festival has welcomed names such as Martha Cooper, Interesni Kazki, Phlegm, Pineapple Crocodile, Isaac Cordal, Olek, Lo Spino, Digital Genetic Pasta, Montse Nadal, Freakatronic, Dario Rossi, Massimo Mazzone, Biancoshock, Marc Colomines, Xavi’ Labo, iNO, Spaik and more.

Complete programme and list of artists will be announced closer to date!

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