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Forgotten Project 2018-02-08

Forgotten Project

Forgotten is an urban art project created in 2015 with an aim of giving more value to the contemporary architectural heritage of the city of Rome through street art. The goal of forgotten project is to make people more conscious of their contemporary heritage. After analysing categories of buildings that run the risk of being forgotten by the general public who may not recognise any social, cultural or urban relevance, Forgotten hopes to bring attention to buildings, considered to have high potential, through artwork, linked to several collateral events aimed to let the people appreciate the building and its surroundings.

The art works are created in collaboration with other local organisations, that have an interest in highlighting the street art areas through regeneration or repurposing. At the same time, the Forgotten project involves international collaboration, bringing with it a new quality and multicultural perspective, creating an opportunity for mutual growth. The experimental part of this project brings street art from the suburban borders to the centre of the town focusing on the forgotten places.

The novelty of our approach it that it departs from the typical focus of the majority of international festivals held in Italy, which tend to promote specific techniques and schools. Our curatorial choice is meant to represent the current art movement of the invited country.
With a contextual and panoramic retrospective of their evolution in street art, we create an opportunity to understand and even compare it to the Italian one.

Read about the first edition back in 2016

Forgotten Links :

VIDEO : The Forgotten Project 2015/16 work summed up in less than 3 minutes! Enjoy!!


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