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Contorno Urbano 2018-01-12

Contorno Urbano

Contorno Urbano Foundation promotes and studies the creativity of urban art as a priority. Based in Barcelona, they Develop projects for city councils, educational centres or companies interested in intervening artistically on public spaces.

”Our mission is study, promote and preserve the urban art as well as speed it to the society by means of actions of urban creativity. The urban creativity is a new model of union between the art and the city, where the work adapts to the needs of the space and of the people of an integral and organic way.”

”This allows us to take part of way contextualize to the spaces dilapidated for the neighbors. The improvement involves to address not only the problems of sustainability or mobility but also in incorporating the art and the culture as a elements transformers and of change to our society.”

They have so far created:

112 Murals
1200 Participants
24 Entities
3 Publications
3 collective Expositions
170 Artists
More than 4000 m2 painted


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