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OTTSTUFF “Fusion” 2020-11-17


Spanish artist OTTSTUFF mixes the languages and tools of iconographic graffiti and graphic design, developing an oneiric and minimalist universe, where colour plays the main expressive force.

His latest work is “Fusion”, a twenty-meter-long mural painted at the Art School of Corella, the Navarrese educational centre where he studied ten years ago. The artwork describes graphically, almost as a sort of manifesto, that cyclical fusion that characterizes his creative language, intimately linked to colour and icon experimentation.

“The five contiguous panels were interpreted as frames, setting up the intervention around motion. Furthermore, this wall is located in an alley walked bi-directionally: from top to bottom, or the other way around. This interpretation of the space to be intervened, creates a fascinating cyclic format in itself, great to represent a cyclical animation, a loop close to early animation forms such as the zoopraxiscope”.

At one end, a minimalist balanced composition depicts a blue circle, a yellow triangle, and a red square, as developed in Kandinsky’s 1926 book “Point and Line to Plane”, from a questionnaire that he made to his students at the Bauhaus a very few years before. The Bauhaus brought art closer to everyday life, establishing the bases and standards of learning what we know today as design — a direct contextual reference as the wall belongs to an Art School.

At the other end, the overlapping faces from a repeated icon are taking up the entire format, like that characteristic “scream on the wall” of graffiti, generating new shapes and colors. In the middle frames, a shape interpolation creates the idea of fusion between one end and the other.
So, which one is the starting/ending point?

“My creative language fuses iconographic graffiti and graphic design, my biggest creative influences indeed, and I find this piece as the perfect opportunity to describe it graphically. Depending on the spectator’s gaze and path, this can be interpreted differently, understood from one point or another. But actually, just motion and fusion are the starting point: both are beginnings and ends”.

A piece about motion and fusion, from iconographic graffiti to graphic design and vice versa.

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