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Open Air Museum in Santiago de Chile 2016-03-10

Open Air Museum in Santiago de Chile

If art is about communication, it makes sense to take it to the streets so that it can reach the masses. That’s what street art is all about. But, in Chile, the Open Air Museum of San Miguel, Santiago is taking things to a whole new level!

Mixart Cultural Centre has created the canvas of the most stunning graffiti project I have ever laid my eyes on: a neighborhood with social housing dating back to the 60s. Grey, dull, quite depressing… this seems like the perfect background for the colorful, powerful and socially charged murals of Museo al Cielo Abierto en San Miguel.

Open Air Museum in Santiago de Chile (1)

Back in 2009, two inhabitants of San Miguel started thinking of ways to revitalize their neighborhood. They wanted the dark buildings to look better and they dreamed that their community would come to feel proud of the place they live in. That’s how the open air museum idea starting taking shape.

Open Air Museum in Santiago de Chile Open Air Museum in Santiago de Chile (2)


This article and the photos belong to Ashray and Zara, a travel blogger couple from India and Portugal.

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