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New wall for UrbanAct Mural Art Festival 2019-12-14

New wall for UrbanAct Mural Art Festival

UrbanAct Mural Art Festival in Volos, Greece has received its latest wall by artist Mattia Campo Dall’Orto. It is the last mural for 2019 under the “CityCall vol3” project. The title of his artwork is: “A day in a diary of a Voiceless”.

As the artist Mattia Campo Dall’Orto explains:

“What if a stray dog could speak?
What if he could write a diary? How many stories could he tell?
Stories about freezing nights, warm sunny days, accidents and
surprises, humans caring or aggressive humans,…
There are so many untold stories that we could only imagine.
The artwork represents a hybrid creature writing on a diary or
reading his past experiences in it.”

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