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New mural by FERNANDO LEON in Barcelona 2017-08-20

New mural by FERNANDO LEON in Barcelona

Fernando Leon is a freelance illustrator/mural artist from the Netherlands. He started with graffiti when he was a little kid and this is when he discovered that he likes to draw more than just letters. This ultimately led him onto the path of illustration as a career and earning bread with doing the thing he loves. Fernando first did a graphic design education and after that he started to study illustration at the Art Academy.


In the summer of 2016 he graduated and right now he is enjoying the freedom of being a freelance illustrator and painting nonstop. Murals are still Fernando Leon his biggest passion. He loves to combine traveling and his work to leave footsteps wherever he goes.

The bigger the wall the better!


As Fernando Leon said: “People always want more and are rarely satisfied with the things they already have.
It’s good to find a balance between this. Don’t let greediness bring you down.

I don’t want to make a statement that ‘Greediness’ is a bad thing. It’s also good thing. But what I like is that people can interpret it on their own way and find their own story in it.”


Project 12+1:
12+1 is a proposal put forward by Contorno Urbano:
12 artists, 12 months, one 50 square metre wall, one artistic intervention per month and one final exhibition, presenting each of the artists’ unique work.

12+1 is an open-air art gallery, one which changes each month.
A unique vision which problematizes the way we exhibit urban art, and the place of these artworks in the city.
The project aims to create a space for open dialogue in the city with the highest population density in Europe, in an area which sees over 7000 passers-by each day.

You can find the wall at Calle Rosalía de Castro, just opposite the L1 metro exit for Torrassa, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

Artists winners for 12+1 2017:
Roc Blackblock, Murone, Hosh, Miedo 12, BYG, Irene López León, Pati Baztan, Laura Llaneli, Elbi Elem, Fernando León, Edjinn, Miquel Wert.

Contorno Urbano:
Contorno Urbano is the first Foundation in Spain to be fully dedicated to street art and graffiti. The team has over 10 years’ experience in murals and urban art dissemination, as well as having worked on international projects.


Contorno Urbano
IG: @contorno_urbano
Twitter: @contorno_urbano
Facebook: @contornourbano
Vimeo: Contorno Urbano

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