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New mural by Kelvin Koubik in Brazil 2021-12-22

New mural by Kelvin Koubik in Brazil

The gable, which was developed at the Arte Salva Festival, is the artist’s largest work, measuring approximately 26 x 10 meters. Kelvin Koubik intends to break the rhythm and order of the dense and heavy elements that constitute the urban landscapes of metropolises (in this case the center of Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul). The artist brings a paradox of two types of landscape: urban, gray and dense, and nature, with the most diverse colors that fauna and flora present.

Koubik is a Brazilian contextual muralist and one of the references in mural art in southern Brazil. The visual artist from Porto Alegre/RS seeks to understand the context of where art is inserted in order to incorporate elements of this juncture in his work. Nature is also part of the artist’s focus, which appears with force and frequency within his poetics.

“When Naturalness Moves” in Porto Alegre – RS / Brazil
Work by @kelvinkoubik
Photo by @denisonfagundes

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