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Nevercrew travelling part 2 – Melano and The Machine 2017-11-27

Nevercrew travelling part 2 – Melano and The Machine

“Disposing machine” is another amazing piece that NEVERCREW has created, this time in Melano Switzerland . This second stop by the art crew was made for Artrust. Enjoy the pictures they have sent us.

About the work by the artist:

“Habits, attitudes, principles and awareness are conditioned by reality, and reality is conditioned by the perception everyone has of it. The position of humankind in its environment, in its World, is at the same time part of its nature and a point of view from which to perceive it.”

Systems are interpretations, a way to give human shape to something that’s not necessarily made for it, as well as a way to decide which shapes to give and how to read them.

As reality could be built and altered by systems, nature could then risk to be detached from human sensing; an human reconstruction of something that exists outside this given shape but that still is directly subjected to each action that’s made on it.”

Check the great details of this piece:

Looking forward for more pieces NEVERCREW!!

Tomás Cardoso//ISSA Team

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